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Order : KN


Since last week, me struggling to finished all order before me & hubby go for our 4th honeymoon. this time we choose BALI. yeay!!!

So, today me update one order yg dh siap n dh sampe pada tuannya...opismet je...free delivery...

ini ada kali ke 3 order dr KN..1st order leh tgk kt Sinin...2nd order lak leh tgk kt Sinin ... ini adlh 3rd order beliau...actually ni ada smbungan dr her 2nd order..

Enjoyce the pix...

1. Greeny ID Card Holder -- best buat id card holder ni...

Greeny ID Card Holder

Greeny ID Card Holder

2. Pillow Lurv --- me ader buat skit pembaharuan pd Pillow Lurv ni, kat tepi bantal me letak kain cotton...KN pilih design yg sama ngn order dolu2...leh tgk kt Sinin

Pillow Lurv

me enjoy sgt wat order ni harap u all pon enjoy tgk gambo2 ni yer...

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