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Order : Pillow Lurv by Kak Ida

Kak Ida ni my very best Kakak...very sweet n baik hati...xpenah lupa kat adik dia yg sorg ni...tp adik dia kadang2 telupa nk tanya kabar berita...asik kak ida je kol...hehehe...paling besh sekali kak ida nyer macaroni goreng...mabeles...hingga menjilat pinggan...

Kak ida order 3 bijik bantal...2 bijik for her 2nd aniversary and 1 bijik for her best friend...
3 stooges

anniversary pillow

friendship pillow

please drop me and email for order : shirex.avenue@gmail.com


Order : 3rd order from Bella


Gift : Mothers Day

finally i managed to finish Mothers Day gift for my mom...truk x? bru nk siap...adehh...tp xper...nk bg by hand masa balik kg time cuti agong nnt...hope my mom love it lah nnt...hehehe

1.Big Tote Bag
big tote bag
inside big tote bag
big tote flower

2.bag Telekung
tote bag
tote bag lining

3.Mini Tote Bag
mini tote bag
inside mini tote bag
mini tote flower

4. Wristlet

5. Mothers Day wreath

The Whole Gift
the whole gift

drop me an email to order : shirex.avenue@gmail.com


New Item : Wedding Present

Last weekend one of my colleague get married. So, me decided to make something for him as wedding gift. After a few tought,lastly me decided to make felt frame. Never try it before. The outcome seem ok n nice. Hope he & his wife like it.



Order : Pillow Lurv by Shera

1st order from Shera. Hope she like it.



News : Bulk Order

Right now RSC (Rose Sew & Craft) are in the middle to finished our craft product for special project. At the same time we are trying to completed all orders from our customer. Hopefully we can managed it. InsyaAllah.

1. order from Nabila

2. Special project
 *key chain
*hair clip
*aligator clip
*hair tie
*head band


Order : Key chain & Pencil Case

This is order from Aini, a teacher in Pahang. This item will be a gift for her students. Hope they all like it.


Serdang Nite Bazaar

These items are now available at our booth at Serdang Nite Bazaar.

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