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JA : Mini Tote Bag

This is my 1st trial sewing tote bag. This time I use fabric for bag n felt for the decoration. Actually I used my old jeans & slack but for lining I used cotton.

These mini tote bag is for Charity Sale that organized by my colleague and her group. They will sell it tomorrow at Tesco, Klang.

Like to have one? Email me : shirex.avenue@gmail.com
(u can set your own design)

JA : Alhamdulillah dah siap...

Alhamdulillah, semalam me dh berjaya siapkan brg2 tuk project JA my opismate. Me tumpang memperbanyakkan barang2 tuk jualan dorang jer. Me doa kan JA dorang yg akan berlangsung esk & ahad ni di Tesco, Klang mendapat sambutan ramai.

Gambar2 akan me update nnt...lum sempat nk trf dr camera lg...

JA : Key chain

These key chain is for special project. Mini tote bag is in good progress. Last night I manage to finished 4 bags. Hopefully tonight I can manage to finished the rest of it.

Enjoy the picture!!!

1. fridge magnet
2. group photo
3. key chain

4. fridge magnet
5. key chain

Bithday Present : Laptop Case

Today is my lil sister birthday. She request to have a laptop case. So, I made it for her. Red in color as she want it.

Happy Birthday my Sis...may Allah bless u always.

interested? email me : shirex.avenue@gmail.com

Order 009 : Felt Cake

I received order from my sister friend. She request slice of felt cake, red + white color. She want it to be simple.
Hope she like it.

just email me if u like to order : shirex.avenue@gmail.com

ShiRex Wedding & Portraits Photography

i just update my Wedding Photography blog. Feel free to browse it.

Reseption : Fitri & Siti

In progress

Me in the middle tuk siapkan something for 1 event...harap dpt siapkan before 26 Feb...

Request 001 : Big Pencil Case

on last CNY, my sis request for pencil case. She want the very big big one. Last nite with soft throat & lenguh2 tengkuk me sew her Big Pencil Case after telan 2 bijik actifast but still can not sleep...menjahit je lah kan...

me guna felt & fabric as material...A4 size...since my sister staff nurse, so i decide to deco with nurse character.

Enjoy the pic...

just email me if u like to order : shirex.avenue@gmail.com

Order 008 : Hardisk Case

Order from my sis BFF...hardisk case...sekali kecik skit coz dia nyer hardisk tebal...ni gara2 bg ukuran xbetul la ni...tp nasib leh masuk gak...xper la...me bg diskon skit kt dia coz dia nk amik gak...kalo x me nk buat lain je bg kt dia...

just email me if u like to order : shirex.avenue@gmail.com

note: sorry sgt2 gambo xcun lgsg...

Order 007 : Key chain

Order from UITM student.

Sorry, gambo xmemuaskan...amik guna HP jek...gambo2 yg amik ngn DSLR tiba2 xder dlm laptop...brg lak my sis dh bwk balik uitm...

pic from my DSLr...yang ni jer yg ada dlm laptop...ok la skit kualitinyer...

just email me if u like to order : shirex.avenue@gmail.com

Order 006 : Pencil Case @ Feeding Bottle Case

Hye All,

I would like to share order from Miss M (my colleague). Previously she order 2 pencil case for her niece & nephew. This time she order another pencil case for her nephew Akasya. Since Akasya only 3 years old, she going to use it for Akasya botol susu Case...hehehehe

note : Akasya jeles tgk abg n kakak dpt kotak pencil itu ari...so, tepaksala Miss M order 1 lg...

just email me if u like to order : shirex.avenue@gmail.com


Ting ting ting!!!! Announcement 2x!!!

Rose Sew & Craft is open for business starting today. Yeay!!!

I decide this after received bulk order from my sis frenz (UITM Student) which is still keep coming, I fells so great doing it especially when my customers appreciate it & like it very much.
But, I'll take in small amount lah..I'm afraid I don't have enough time to sew...me as working woman n a house to running...photography business...too much to do...

Wish me luck!!!

Bulk Order from Bdk2 UITM

hi all..

on Chinese New Year last week, i manage to settle bulk order from UITM student. Me bring all craft thing back to my hometown, Perlis.

so, just enjoy the pic...

just email me if u like to order : shirex.avenue@gmail.com

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