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Order : MU pillow again??


MU pillow

MU pillow

Another order for MU pillow from MU die hard fan. Hope she love it.

Name : Pillow Lurv
Technique : Sew & glue
Material : Felt, Cotton
Size : 25cm, 35cm, 45cm --- > choose any size you want
Interested? Please email me for further details : shirex.avenue@gmail.com


 *gambo dr incik gugel...

dear all,
i received 2 bulk order and i think its time for me to close order until further notice.


I Love Bazaar 24 & 25 September 2011

hye all!!!

ROSE SEW & CRAFT will be joining I LOVE BAZAAR once again on 24 & 25 September 2011 ( this weekend).

We will be selling all kind of Rose Sew & Craft handmade.

See u there!!!!

News : RCS New Design for Plushies & Key Chaim


I like to share with all of you what i've been up sepanjang i close order for almost 2 month...

this is part 1...will update part by part...

I'm planning to introduce new item on Rose Sew & Craft...right now I'm in the middle to finish my business planning...hope to finish it by end of this month..

according to plan, this new creation will be announce on October 2011...but i think why not share with u all now...just a sneak peak...hehehe

I always start with sketching ideas and coming up with a design b4 making something new for my easy reference.

This sketching is for plushies & keychain...so, after this my plushies & key chain will be based on this design only...

More design will be upload soon...






Archive : Tissue Holder

Hola!!! How's your day? Hope everything goes well today ya...

this is my tissue holder collection. Aren't they pretty? someone had approach me to make around 1000k tissue holder for her wedding...still waiting for the confirmation.

how about u? want something new as door gift on your big day? Just give us a call!!!

butterfly & flower


ribbon back

ribbon front

Name : Pocket Tissue Holder
Technique : Glue, Hand Sew & Machine Stich
Material : Felt & ribbon
Interested? Please email me for further details : shirex.avenue@gmail.com

Archive : Colorful Bookmark


Today me like to share colorful bookmark from Rose Craft. We have 3 type of bookmark : Paper clip, small ice cream stick & big ice cream stick.

Paper Clip
Paper clip bookmark

Small ice cream stick
Ice cream stick bookmark

Big ice cream stick
Ice cream stick bookmark

Gojes isn't it? Suitable as gift to friend.

Name : Colorful Bookmark
Techinique : Glue
Material : Button, paper clip, ice cream stick
Interested? Please email me for further details : shirex.avenue@gmail.com

New Item : Rania Elastic Headband


Since i'm going to my BFF open house last saturday, i decided to make a lovely elastic headband for their lovely daughter.

This is my 1st attempt making elastic headband. D
Dah lama beli kainnyer tp terperam je.

The size? Me just agak2 je...hehehehe

Rania Heandband - Flower 1

Rania Heandband - Flower 2

Rania Heandband - Flower 2

Rania Heandband - Flower 3

Rania Heandband - Flower 3

Rania Heandband - Flower 4

Rania Heandband - Flower 4

Rania Heandband - Flower 4

Name : Rania Elastic Headband
Techinique : Hand stich, Glue
Material : Felt, elastic fabric
Interested? Please email me for further details : shirex.avenue@gmail.com

Archive : Bag Collection

O hai!!!

Another Rose Craft tote collection. Just a simple one. No applique attached like I used to do.

Me also like to introduce simple handbag, but still need improvement. This is just a trial version.


a. Sling Bag
Jojo sling bag

b. Mini tote bag
Owl mini tote bag

c.Tote Bag
Paper tote bag

BNW tote bag

d. Handbag
Cutiey handbag

Pinky handbag

Name : RSC Bag Collection
Techinique : Machine stich,Hand stich
Material : Felt, fabric

Archive : Aligator Hair Clip

Zdrasti all!!! (try to speak hello in bulgarian)

Jom tengok Aligator Hair Clip hasil tangan Rose Craft.

Aligator clip : Love

Aligator Clip : Daisy

Name : RSC Aligator Hair Clip
Techinique : Hand stich, glue
Material : Felt, fancy buttons

Interested? Email me for further details

Archive : Hair Tie

Hola!!! Meet my hair tie design. Its a combination of felt & fabric.

Colorful round hair tie

Bow Hair tie

Polkadot hair tie

Beeds hair tie

Beeds hair tie

Beeds hair tie

hair tie

hair tie

Name : RSC Hair Tie
Techinique : Hand stich
Material : Felt, Fabric, Beeds

Interested? Email me for further details.

Archive : Cusyen / Pillow

Rose Sew & Craft sekarang ni tgh bertungkus lumus siapkan order Septmber 2011. so, at the mean time, Rose Craft would like to share ngn semua hasil craft yang belum pernah masuk blog lg...xder la blog ni berswang je nanti...hehehe

For this 1st entry, i share gambar2 cusyen/pilow dulu.

enjoyce the pic ya!!!

Walls Pillow

Owl Pillow

Doo Dee Pillow

Be Bee Pillow

my favourite:Colorful Polcadot Cusyen

Fabric Brooch

Sempena Aidilfitri baru2 ini, family Rose craft bergaya ngn fabric brooch Rose Craft. Brooch ni buat untuk jualan I Love Bazaar yang lalu. Simpan 2 3 ketul untuk bergaya di Hari Raya...hehehe

Aidilfitri - Fabric Brooch

Aidilfitri - Fabric Brooch
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